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The idea for starting the fabric wholesale appeared a long time ago - in 2005. The willingness to supply our customers in a wide range of technical fabrics or leather fabrics motivated us to import fabrics directly, and thus, we can offer a very diverse range of fabrics and we can guarantee that each of our customers will find something for themselves. The direct import allows our company to offer fabrics in very competitive prices in a wide range of colours and types without losing quality. Our products meet all safety standards and are human friendly. Textile Institute systematically tests our fabrics in order to meet the European standards necessary to offer safe products manufactured from them.
We also try to meet the expectations of our clients and if a new question about testing arises, it is always analysed and, within our possibilities, realised.
Many inquiries about products that do not come from import have occurred during operation of our company. We observed that for many of our consumers it is very important to ensure the highest quality of our products, which would be of Polish origin. Thus, in order to meet their expectations we decided to prepare the offer of fabrics, which can be recognised as a Polish product. We appreciate customers who support our Polish textile industry and we consequently meet their requirements. We are very pleased with the appreciation of a very high quality of the fabrics.

Fabrix wholesale company, as the name suggests, was primarily meant for wholesale client, we prepared for this client very attractive price and discount offers with a diverse assortment. Of course, we also consider many young designers and interior designers or newly established companies that want to concentrate their business on the production of garden cushions, decorative cushions, bags, rucksacks, prams or beds for pets. We are very happy to offer them professional support and assistance in choosing the right fabrics for different fields of production. We are always happy to to fulfil prototype and small orders that are very important when starting any production. We support new companies that connect their business with production and we offer them attractive prices at the beginning of their business.

In our offer, you can find a wide range of polyester waterproof fabrics that are impregnated with polyurethane (PU) and polyvinylchloride (PCV). The range of fabric weight is very diverse, i.e. from 140 g/m2 to 340 g/m2 and there are more than 30 shades of colours for each type of fabric. The fabrics are available in two widths of 150 cm and 160 cm with an emphasis on width of 160 cm. These fabrics are ideal for the production of umbrellas, covers and, fashionable in recent years, hassocks or sako poufs. Thinking about a significant demand on various fabrics needed by our clients, we launched on offer of printed cotton fabrics that are highly efficient in the children sector. We also try to systematically extend a range of offered types of inscriptions. We also concur with our clients’ suggestions and we consequently realize them.

Fabrix wholesale company is a reliable and dynamically developing partner.

Our wholesale of fabrics is a reliable and dynamically developing partner that enjoys the trust of continuously growing group of customers. Constantly searching the market, we continuously adapt to growing demand of clients for fabrics. That is why we have created a possibility of individual orders for fabrics other than mentioned above. For more information, please contact our office.
The fabrics are delivered in 24 hours from the moment of placing an order. We have our own transport and we specialise in mail orders via couriers.


We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality service and thus, we employed a team of skilled advisors helpful in the selection of fabrics. The orders are realized quickly and competently and the main indicator of the quality of service is a satisfied customer. We know that a success of our customers continuously over the years contributes to our dynamic development.

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